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Cashback from every purchase

Now you get money back from shopping made in stores in your town and other over 8,200 online stores


I travel a lot through Europe. Hotel reservations are made usually via and I’m really pleased to see how I’m getting back partial expenses for accommodation. I’m lucky to live in our days, when the internet makes our lives easier and allows us to save.

The Ok-Save team gave me an unforgettable gift – the opportunity to save anywhere in Europe.

Elena Bigu “I’m getting money back from my reservations on”



I’m very glad to find this saving tool. My business is about online sales – I buy products on Chinese sites and re sell it in my home town. For the past 8 months I have already received $820.00 cashback from procurement. Thanks to the app I installed on my phone with OK-Save support, I received money back only entering in it.

Ion Dascalescu. “I’m shopping from”


I own my own shipping company. We transport goods in the West and South of the country. Thanks to the opportunity the boys at OK- have shown me now, I save €2,300.00 per month only from diesel fuel of my trucks. For one year, I have the possibility to purchase a transport unit only from the saved sums.

Alexandru Vasilescu. “I get money back from OMV”

omv petrom, petrom, omv

I have a small team of craftsmen. We tend to become big. One thing that we have implemented, which will bring us closer to our dream, is that we are geting back some money we spent on building materials. We all know that building materials are very expensive and thus increase the cost of the service. Thanks to registering through as a member of buyers community, we are happy to receive daily SMS notifications, which tell us about the amount of money that is paid into our account as cashback.

Andrian Postolache. “I’m getting money back from Praktiker”

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Why I get cashback?

The shopping community has commercial partnership with over 63,000 companies around the world and across all merceological sectors. Because all these companies want more customers than competitors, they agree to pay back a part of the price for goods and services they provide to the members of the shopping community. The most intriguing thing is that members of the buyer community benefit from all these benefits absolutely free of charge.

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You get cash back out of your friends shopping as well

Company pays you with 0.5% “friend bonus” of the value from all purchases of everyone who was registered in shopping community from your recommendation. The recommendation is made by pressing a single button in the app. There is no limit on how many people can be recommended 🙂

P.S. A new member is registered every 42 seconds, each person can be registered only once! The main question is WHO RECOMMENDED HIM ?!

Do you want to have a passive income from your daily shopping on global basis? After registration, please email us with the text “I WANT PASSIVE INCOME” at the email address: and you will receive several promotional tools (including a landing page like this) and all support from our professional marketers.